Round lock pick tension ring
Round tension tool
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The latest generation of rotary tensioners - a further development with a high utility value.

In order to be able to open (picking) a cylinder lock, the cylinder core must be placed gently under the rotary tensioner. Usually picking with an electric lock pick is done by rapidly changing the clamping direction. Where else in hand-picking, It Is done with a continuous, but variable rotational tension in one direction. So to make the task even more precise, we have developed the TNT-20. Only the TNT-20 is the only round tension tool in the world capable of adapting precisely to the differently curved cylinder profiles by a quick and tool-free change of the lower tensioning pin. A true enrichment for your work. Soon you will have no second thoughts in using any other round tension tool other than the TNT-20.

The Flip-It - the next generation plug spinner

With the Flip-It plug spinner, the problem of "the unknown" is a thing of the past. Surely you know the Issue that your plug spinner does, jamming or not being able to trigger. This problem arises mainly due to a sloppy trigger mechanism, often paired with cumbersome control elements. The engineers from Multipick have adopted this problem and found a perfect solution - the Flip-It plug spinner. The advantage of the new Flip-It is its smooth release. It is only a light, gentle pressure necessary to trigger it. This tool allows a very precise and quiet work without any tearing or exertion. A true plus of comfort and precision.

Flip-It - Plug spinner
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€ 65.75 +VAT