Replacement key or secondary key, or even a 1:1 copy for the locksmith? With the Quick-Key Easy no problem!

Your own personal key service. Just take an imprint from (almost) any key and make an exact copy of the key.
The Quick-Key Easy is the fastest key copying system in the world. You can not make a 1:1 copy of a key more quickly than with Quick-Key Easy.

With the Quick-Key Easy, great value was placed on ease of use.
The result was a small, light and above all a powerful key duplicating system that can be seen. All components you need are included in this set (for delivery reasons, the delivery is without lighter gas, which is available commercially). The set gives you the possibility to produce at least 10 keys.
Please note that the keys are not permanent keys.

Quick-Key Easy  Key copying system
Quick-Key Easy Set
€ 124.90net
€ 148.63 +VAT
Precision Mold No.1
Precision Mold No.1
€ 39.90net
€ 47.48 +VAT
Dual-component Impressioning Material
Dual-component Impressioning Material
€ 26.90net
€ 32.01 +VAT
Metal Casting Alloy for the key copying system
Metal Casting Alloy for system Quick-Key Easy
€ 19.90net
€ 23.68 +VAT