The perfect way to learn on how to crack locks. With our training cylinders you always have the best view and thus can observe exactly every single process. All processes within the keyway can be seen visually with the naked-eye.

You learn to see how a cylinder lock works and thus become familiar with its mechanism. Here, real
"learning by doing" takes place. Not even a good book or video provides better and faster training success than the use of original brand practice cylinders by renowned German manufacturers with a high safety standard!

Further you will learn from practical experience. The ideal gift for friends of precision mechanics. Our training lock cylinders are first-class branded products. Each exercise cylinder is a single piece, carefully
manufactured and thoroughly hand-crafted. It is fully functional and comes with a suitable key.

A cylinder withhundreds of possibilities!
Also suitable for electric-pick guns.

Training Cylinder for beginner MK2 30/30
€ 50.34net
€ 59.90 +VAT
Training Cylinder Standard MK2 30/30
€ 50.34net
€ 59.90 +VAT
Pinning Kit for Multipick Manipulation cylinder
€ 17.90net
€ 21.30 +VAT